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4 tips to install Driver for Windows 10 most accurately

4 tips to install Driver for Windows 10 most accurately, Recognition technology is increasingly modern, did you know that when using Windows 7 or XP
4 tips to install Driver for Windows 10 most accurately, Recognition technology is increasingly modern, did you know that when using Windows 7 or XP before, the first thing when you installed the operating system is to "search for Driver" for Windows, this technology is relatively time consuming and not sure driver is compatible with the Version of Windows?

Identifying these difficulties from The Version of Windows 8 8 10 70 years on, Microsoft has integrated driver recognition and automatically installed the missing Drivers, especially in the version of Windows 10 this feature has taken full advantage of its outstanding advantages.

However, not all computers are as convenient to install Driver as you think, there are many cases after you update Driver Windows 10, there are still some other drivers missing.

Install driver for Windows 10 most accurately

Receiving these "hidden", today this article will show you some ways for you to fully install Driver for your computer in the most effective way on Windows 10.

Check if the computer is missing a Driver?

To know if your computer is missing a Driver or not, you can easily check the following.

First press Windows key combination + R, at this time of the Run window will appear, then you type the keyword "devmgmt.msc".

You will now see all existing Drivers on your computer.

Test: You look on the Driver list if the Driver is missing or incompatic, it will have a yellow anth butt symbol or a red "x" next to the Icons.

As pictured above, the computer already has all the Drivers.

If you see a yellow anthlip or a red x, the following methods can be continued.

Use the Update Windows 10 feature to install Driver

Did you know that the Update Windows feature not only helps your operating system fix errors, but it also helps to fix errors, add missing Drivers or it will help upgrade to the latest Driver.

To perform the update of the version of Windows 10 you can do it by pressing the Windows + I keycombination , on the Settings window that clicks the Update / Security option.

Continue, in the Windows Update property, check "Check for update" to perform the latest version of Windows update.

Alternatively, you can view the Update information, or see what it has updated then you can click on the Update history link.

In Update history you will see all the updated information including Driver information.
Install Driver from the manufacturer

For this method there are two directions for you to install the Driver from the manufacturer as follows:

Use a Laptop

If you are using laptop lines, you can download and install Drivers for your Laptop through the pages below.

Device Link
Sony devices DOWNLOAD
Acer Devices DOWNLOAD
Dell Devices DOWNLOAD
Asus Devices DOWNLOAD
Lenovo Devices DOWNLOAD
Samsung Devices DOWNLOAD

To install Drivers for any Laptop, you first need to see the code or signature of the Laptop series that you are using. Then enter in the Drivers settings page from the home page of the corresponding manufacturer provided above.

I will perform a driver search and download for Dell computer, first you need to know the Service Tag code of Dell computer by looking at the bottom of the Laptop. Then you go to the Dell Computer Driver Download Website here. Enter your machine's Service Tag code in the Enter a Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Model > click Search box.

You pay attention to choose the exact version of the operating system Windows is using on your Laptop.

Next, the browser will direct you to the list of drivers to download and install one by one for the Laptop.

After installing Driver, restart the computer and get the results tested.

For PCs

To update the Driver for the desktop, you need to open the CPU case and see the mainboard name being used. After that, proceed to search for the driver with the keyword "Driver + Name Mainboard". Once there, you just have to go to the manufacturer's homepage and proceed to download and install Driver for the computer.

Or you just need to download and install CPU-z software for > open this software to > select mainboard to immediately know the Mainboard name of your computer as shown below.

Then you conduct a structured search with the keyword "Driver + Mainboard Name".

Install Driver manually

First press Windows key combination + R, at this time of the Run window will appear, then you type the keyword "devmgmt.msc". On the Device Manager window find devices called "Unknown device" or simply small yellow icons.

Then you right-click on the missing Drivers then select Properties. After selecting Properties, the Driver information window will appear.

Next, click on the Details section and select hardware ids. At this point you will see a strange string of characters appear, as long as you copy this string and go to Google Search to search.

After downloading the relevant driver, you proceed to update the driver by right-clicking on the missing Driver then selecting Update driver sofware.... then select Browse my computer for driver software and go to the folder containing the driver.

Use Driver installation software

Currently, there are several softwares that help you automatically update Drivers for your computer effectively and quickly. You do not need to sit and install manually just download the application and proceed with the installation.

With automated software, you can easily install full drivers for the computer without having to do much. Simply click on a few buttons and wait until the installation is complete.

One of the quite effective driver auto-installation software is the WanDriver app, which you can refer to how to use and download the WanDriver application in the article WanDriver application automatically installs driver for Windows latest.


So I have guided you 4 tips to install Driver for Windows 10 most accurately, so you can easily add the missing Drivers to Windows.

Depending on the case you can apply the above methods in the most appropriate way, in addition if you have any other method to install Driver for Windows 10, you can share by leaving a comment below, wishing you happy.
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