Top 7 free beautiful logo-making websites

In addition to logo design software, you can also use websites to create your own logo for free. You write below will introduce you to the top websites to create the most beautiful, free logo.

Twitter's logo is blue bird, Apple is an iconic bad bite apple, Facebook is a simple but impressive F. Logos are an integral part when considering all the factors to build a business or brand. So why is the logo important? Because it attracts the attention of customers, serves as a sign of brand recognition, is used to convey your values and show consumers why you are not like competitors in the same field...
Many companies don't regret hiring designers to get a logo that's valuable in terms of both content and images, but small businesses or business beginners with limited funding can use the top free logo creation websites shared by right here to design impressive logos with just a few simple steps.

I. Top Websites That Create Beautiful, Free Logos

7. SquareSpace Free Logo Creation Website

SquareSpace is one of the free logo creation websites that is highly appreciated by many users. In addition to useful website building services that give you a reputation, Squarespace also offers a simple, easy-to-use logodesign tool so that even amateur users can create personalized logos at a glance.

You just have to enter the company name, slogan, select the appropriate icon from a series of available options, then proceed to adjust the size and color for the details as you like. You can immediately see what your logo looks like on business cards, websites, or T-shirts with preview templates displayed on the editing screen. Finally, once you're satisfied with the design, you can download the logo in high resolution.

Advantages of squarespace logo creation web:
  • Organize text and icons with handy drag-and-drop.
  • Customize the color and size of text and icons as you like.
  • Rich collection of available icons.
  • Download logo in high resolution.
Visit the SquareSpace Web site here:

6. Web Logo Maker Free Logo Garden

The second great free logo design site that I recommend to you is Logo Garden. Logo Garden was founded in 2011 and has since created more than 2.5 million logo designs for small businesses, free translators, and entrepreneurs. Logo Garden offers 2 types of services depending on your personal needs and preferences. The first is the DIY logo maker, which allows you to create your own logo online, and the second is that you can link up with one of Logo Garden's professional designers who will create a custom logo design for you.

You can choose from over 1000 icons to include in your logo design and search for the type of icon you want using smart search. In terms of editing, you can change the size and color of text, icons, as well as add some special effects such as reflection, shadow or shine to add more impression to the logo.

Advantages of logo creation online logo free Logo Garden:
  • Library of more than 1000 icons categorised into clear categories.
  • Support handy drag and drop operation.
  • Save and download logos as JPG and PNG files in high resolution.
  • Unlimited number of logo edits.
Visit the Logo Garden Logo Website here:

5. Shopify's Loho Hatchful Self-Designed Website

Hatchful is Shopify's simple logo creation web where you can create a variety of logo templates in just 4 to 5 clicks. To get started, you choose your business or service type, design style, enter a business name and slogan, choose the purpose of using the logo from the available options. The website will then provide you with logo templates created based on your choices, and you can proceed to perform editing steps such as adding icons, customizing colors, changing fonts, and editing layouts.

Not only easy to use, Hatchful also offers over 100 variants and many customization capabilities for you to impress potential customers with a professional and beautiful logo template. Hatchful automatically creates a logo package of various sizes for different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram.

Advantages of Hatchful logo creation website:
  • Provide about 100 available logo templates.
  • Using machine learning, Hatchful proposes logo designs based on your chosen field and other customization elements.
  • Create logos of various sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram.
  • Unlimited logo editing.
Visit hatchful website here:

4. Create An Online Logo For Free With GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is also one of the familiar free online logo creation websites of many individuals and companies to design logos. GraphicSprings' logo bank is divided into a wide range of categories by industry, from business, education, to entertainment and beauty. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose different free logo templates and proceed to customize with different brand names, slogans, colors and typical styles.

After completing the design steps, you can download the logo as a PNG, SVG or JPG file. Overall, GraphicSprings is one of the best free logo design sites out there, helping users create logo templates that fit their company in a way that couldn't be easier.

Advantages of GraphicSprings:
  • A rich library of designs for different industries.
  • Download high quality logo in PNG, SVG and JPG format.
  • Full freedom to customize the logo as you like.
Visit the GraphicSprings logo creation website here:

3. Free Logo Design Online Logo Creation Website

The name says it all, the Free Logo Design logo creation web offers a free solution for small businesses, free translators, and organizations to design professional logos in just 4 steps including: entering a business name, choosing templates from thousands of free designs, customizing logos by changing colors/shapes/fonts, and downloading logos for free. The templates are divided into 20 different categories such as agriculture, real estate, food, technology ... So users can definitely create a logo that suits their needs.

In a wide range of free logo design websites today, there are many things that make you attracted to Free Logo Design. It's a free online logo maker website that anyone can use; no design and editing skills required; provide thousands of templates for you to get inspired and start creating your own logo... More importantly, Free Logo Design has been trusted by more than 2 million business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

Advantages of Free Logo Design:
  • Easy logo design with 4 steps to implement.
  • Logo library is divided into different industries.
  • Support download logo high quality in PNG, JPG, SVG format.
Visit the Free Logo Design homepage here:

2. Canva Online Logo Design Website

Canva is a well-known logo maker site, used to create icons, icons, and many other design projects. Just like other online logo design websites on the list, Canva offers an impressive library of templates divided into different categories that come with a free and paid logo option. You can start with a free logo template, then change the text, colors, fonts, and some other details to fit the logo design idea you're aiming for.

If you're not satisfied with any of the available templates, you can upload your own graphics or combine the graphic details provided by Canva to create the logo at will with handy drag-and-drop. With Canva, it's easy to design logos for any business, whether you're in fashion, restaurants, or the arts.

Advantages of Canva:
  • Hundreds of high-quality templates and libraries with thousands of vector templates, graphics, icons and illustrations.
  • Drag-and-drop operation makes it easy to arrange graphic elements according to your desire.
  • Freely use templates, available graphic elements or upload your own choices.
  • Create logo online
  • for free - Support download logo in PNG, JPG and PDF format.
Visit the Canva Free Logo Creation Website here:

1. Create An Online Logo With Tailor Brands

Similar to Canva, Tailor Brands is an "all-in-one" graphic design website that offers today's top free logo design tool. Tailor Brands uses AI to simplify the logo design process and help you create a unique logo in less than 5 minutes. You don't need to have design skills or financial conditions to use Tailor Brands. Simply enter some information about your business, customize design elements like colors, styles, shapes, or fonts as you like, and start using logos anywhere.

Web logo maker Tailor Brands will provide you with several logo templates based on the information you share so you can choose the design you like best or customize your logo until you're happy with it. Finally, once done, you can download high-quality vector, JPG, PNG, SVG or EPS files for use on your website, business card, or goods.

Tailor Brands Pros:
  • AI-based logo maker.
  • Freely customize all aspects of the logo: icons, text, typical styles, colors ...
  • Rich template library with professional design.
  • Support download with JPG, PNG, SVG or EPS format.
Visit tailor brands homepage here:

II. Which Free Logo Design Website Should I Choose?

In terms of ease of use and convenience, all the websites featured in the article are great, but when it comes to template libraries and editing capabilities, Canva and Tailor Brands are the most ideal options. Canva is a free logo maker site with a variety of editing options where you can upload your own images for use in logo templates. Meanwhile, Tailor Brands is highly valued for applying intelligence in design and ensuring the logo created is a combination of details, luxurious lines and professionalism.

While logos created can't be made with products designed by industry experts, if you just want to create a logo quickly and cost-effectively, these online tools can meet that requirement.
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