Top 4 best folk games for Android not to be missed

Folk titles for Android are mainly built on folk games in Vietnam, such as progressive card games,... Besides, there are also games inspired by the treasure trove of knives and folk songs, such as quiz games, giving players relaxing moments and adding more knowledge about Vietnamese poetry.

Top 4 Best Folk Games for Android

1. Intellectual folk quiz game

The intellectual folk quiz game for Android is built with many puzzles mainly related to Vietnamese folk knowledge according to different criteria and levels, from easy to difficult. There are questions that players only need a few seconds to complete, but there are also conundrums that need more time.

In terms of scoring, with each correct answer the player will receive a score in = 2 * the number of characters in the answer. In case if the question cannot be answered, the player may change the question and be deducted the corresponding score.

In terms of gameplay, players just need to read the question and select the answering characters at the bottom of the screen. To change the question, simply select the arrow icon in the top right corner of the screen and confirm the minus point.

2. Online Folk Village

If you are looking for online folk games such as forward, barrier, ... to play this Tet, Folk Village Online is definitely a name that you can not ignore. The game is built on real-life progressive card games and also supports changing places, loading places, playing scoring, dividing chickens, ... .

The good part of Online Folk Village is the system of gold jars and events to ensure players do not get bored. Besides beautiful graphics, it is also a factor that helps this folk game score points in the eyes of players.

Folk Village Online is compatible and supports Android 4.1 and above devices. To download the game and install it, go here.

3. Crab Election Tet 2021

Crab Crab Tet 2021 is a folk game simulation game with betting dice, one of the popular folk games in Vietnam on Tet holidays and festivals. The game supports and runs on Android 4.1 and above devices and is updated regularly.

Like the two folk games above, The Crab Crab 2021 graphics are also quite beautiful and eye-catching. This free Android game promises to bring players interesting and attractive experiences, relaxing moments during this Tet holiday.

4. Guess ca Dao – Bilingual Training – Brain Damage Puzzle

If you are looking to learn or foster more knowledge about the treasure trove of vietnamese knives, vietnamese customs, guess ca dao puzzle game – Dao The Language – Brain Damage Puzzle is all you need.

In Guess Ca Dao – Dao Verses players will have to answer folk puzzles, quizzes related to Vietnamese literature and poetry, including easy and difficult questions, conundrums and no less interesting.

The outstanding features of this folk game include: a regularly updated question system; diverse and rich suggestions; optional support thanks to advice from facebook friends; attractive reward repossesses and leaderboards for players to match with their friends, ... .

Finally, Guess Ca Dao – Bilingual – Brain Damage Puzzle also supports and runs on Android 4.1 and above devices.

To download Guess Ca Dao – Dao Hailing – Brain Damage Puzzle game to the machine and install it, you can visit here.

The above article Ben Computer has just introduced you to the Top 4 best folk games for Android today. Do not hesitate to download the game immediately and install and experience with friends and relatives during this Tet holiday!
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