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LOST in Blue MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod) - Free Download

Updated on Juli 29, 2023
Have you ever experienced the feeling of being alone on a deserted island? If not, try to play this LOST in Blue APK game!
Name LOST in Blue
Publisher Volcano Force
Category Adventure
Version 1.122.0
Size 964M
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Menu Mod
Link Download Direct

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being alone on a deserted island? If not, try to play this LOST in Blue APK game!

Table of contents
LOST in Blue LOST in Blue LOST in Blue

Introduce about LOST in Blue

Survive on a deserted island amidst strange enemies!, LOST in Blue is an adventure role-playing game, in which you fight for survival, from the publisher Volcano Force. It really touches both my mind and my emotions so much. Play it and you will understand why!

Survive and protect those you love

Your task (and the NPC characters) in the game is to collect resources, craft weapons, tools, build shelters, store food, and build protective barriers (fence) to fight the enemy on this island. They are zombies (called mutants) who are mutated beasts; extreme weather; some other mutant survivors lurking around.

Graphics and sounds

The 3D graphics of LOST in Blue must be said to be extremely impressive. Each character has a different shape, rhythmic movement. The battles are short, spectacular, and very realistic. With such a mobile game, the scene unfolding before your eyes is unbelievable because it’s beautiful in every detail.

Download LOST in Blue APK for Android

I also think this is a great game for those who are adventurous and imaginative. Because it is going deeper into the player’s mind than just fighting or building and surviving. And if you can play it on a widescreen phone, tablet with external speakers, it will be so great. Because in the end, this is an extremely beautiful and cool mobile game.

Available Versions of LOST in Blue

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