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Civilization assassin with dozens of reviews with almost absolute high scores - Amplitude's Game Humankind has many similarities with the famous Civil
Civilization assassin with dozens of reviews with almost absolute high scores - Amplitude's Game Humankind has many similarities with the famous Civilization tactical game series, but there are still many differences that make it difficult for beginners.

Although there are many similarities with the famous civilization strategy game series, Humankind still has many differences that need to be familiar and can sometimes be difficult even for veteran Civilization gamers.
Here are the game tips for beginners:

How to create a leader

Humankind's AI avatar has many different characteristics, but you don't need to worry about these traits at the beginning of the game because this character does not affect the game. All you need to do is decide the personality and appearance of this character.
Prototype: These 11 options determine the behavior and response of your AI avatar to specific situations. You can also change 3 of them to show important characteristics. For example, in the 'Trust' category, you can choose 'Trusting' or 'Wary' to change the way your avatar reacts to other players.
Power: These two basic customizations reflect preferred gameplay and increase the strength of the soldiers or increase output.
Bias: These two trends are behaviors that your avatar will try to follow, such as trying to ally with people or building a giant city.

You can unlock this feature more by earning titles in Humankind. Currently, you can only create an avatar to play, you can see the avatars, power and 'biases' of opponents in the pre-match menu by clicking on the settings of their avatar.

Stone Age

You start humankind with a tribe that wanders in the Stone Age. You must earn the Era Star to move on to the Ancient Era and choose your first culture. Here are three ways to get these stars:
To create new Tribal members you need to find food by searching on a map with things marked with food symbols, searching protected areas or hunting animals. Military units can only have 4 soldiers, so if you want any more Tribal members, you will have to split up to make room.
Scientific discovery: In Humankind these discoveries are marked by the Atom symbol and give you influence resources, which can be used to set up outposts. This allows you to flag the territory marker and choose several potential city locations in Humankind.

This is the most difficult era star in Humankind, as you usually need at least 2 Tribal members to hunt a deer safely and 3 to hunt a mammoth, and even then you can still lose some members. However, animals can be a good source of food. Just right-click on them to start hunting, and remember to use high ground areas.
In Humankind there are a number of different match speeds and these speeds are lower than required to earn The Age star, but overall at the beginning of the game things are quite favorable regardless of speed. You also get New Tribal members from a number of events during the Stone Age. The most important thing in the Stone Age was ground cover in search of scientific discoveries, reserves and potential settlement sites where you could build outposts.

Choose a culture.

While you can stick around in the Stone Age to earn two more stars of that era, it's better to choose your culture early in Humankind. When another player chooses a culture then others can't choose that culture so you need to decide early.
Each culture has one of seven interests, which govern its specific power and style of play:
- Farmers
- Militaristic
- Fine arts
- Merchant
- Construction
- Expansion
- Science

Each culture has its own characteristics, symbols and players will earn era stars and fame points when accomplishing goals. Whoever has the most points of fame at the end of the Game, he wins.
When choosing the first culture you should consider not only how you want to play but also the best way to take advantage of what you found in the Stone Age. Perhaps you've discovered a grassy river delta that will be the perfect place for Harappan's agricultural gameplay, growing plenty of food and population with the reward of river-covered territories and agricultural cities.
But maybe once you reach the ancient era, you'll choose a militaristic culture to take advantage of that growing population and invade your neighbors. Characteristic in Humankind is the incorporation of cultures to create a separate gameplay to adapt to overcome the challenges in each new era.

Founding the first city.

Now that you have a culture in the Ancient Era, you can upgrade an outpost into a city. This will give you ownership of an area marked with a dotted line on a map and you'll start researching technology,building counties and infrastructure, while leveraging Humankind's strategic resources.
The establishment of a city will also allow you to produce 4 types of resources in Humankind such as:
Food: Agricultural resources. Decide the population growth.
- Industry: Construction resources. It increases the speed of production.
Money: The merchant's resources. This money is used to purchase strategic and high-end resources, early completion of construction projects.
Science: The scientist's resources. Decide the speed of technology research.

In terms of the location of the city, a highly defensive position with a good balance between food and industry is ideal. Too little food will make it difficult for you to get more population, while too few industries means you'll take a long time to set up outposts and a long time to build anything. Placing your city in an area with natural wonders also brings positive stability and other impacts, as well as access to high-end resources.
Adjacent areas are also important. In Humankind, creating new outposts and cities will cost resources And the more this cost increases the further away they are from your territory. Outposts can be used to sell strategic and high-end resources, but they can also be tied to neighboring cities, contributing their population and territory. In this sense, you should also choose a city based on valuable neighborhoods to expand.

Considerations when building the city

Building a city in Humankind requires a balancing factor. You need counties to increase population and output limits, but more reduce stability, as do the accompanying outposts. You can increase stability by building wonders, sanitation infrastructure, religious sites, residential areas, holding public ceremonies, garrisoning soldiers or with religious processions. You can also buy high-end resources from other empires to achieve their positive effect.
It should be noted to use the effects of arranging and arranging districts to maximize the production productivity of certain types of territorial cells. The symbolism of culture is one of the most powerful tools for achieving this, as it often offers rewards to neighboring counties of the same type, or even based on the number of residents your county has.
Humankind launches on August 17, 2021 on steam, Epic Games Store, and Google Stadia platforms.
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