5 Best and Most Popular Anime Films in the World

"Best AnimeSeries", "Best Romance AnimeSeries", "Top Anime Films" ,... these are phrases that have been searched a lot in recent times. Especially Japanese movie devotees, the more indispensable. Japanese anime films are a genre that is loved by many audiences not only in Japan but also international audiences. Many films have left a deep impression in the minds of the audience despite the long time. In this article, Gameong will introduce you to the most famous Anime movies in the world that many young people love. Let's follow now!

1/ Howl's Flying Castle (2004)

Howl's Moving Castle is the best anime film in the fantasy film genre about the life of Sophie Hatter. She was originally a talented hat designer but was cursed by a witch who was turned into an old woman. She later became a servant to Howl, the wicked Welsh witch who ate the hearts of young girls. Her adventurous life officially begins here. The film not only gives viewers interesting and mysterious details but also brings vibrations before Sophie's love story. If you love the fantasy, fun and still full of emotions, do not miss this movie!

2/ The Land of Souls (2001)

Spirited Away is an immortal film in the hearts of Japanese anime enthusiasts, which has been released in 2001, and over 20 years, it is still considered one of the best Anime films of all time and is still very well received by many movie lovers.

The film revolves around Chihiro on one visit with her parents to create a new life, she is lost in a new world. It's a place where there's a lot of food but there's not a shadow of a person. There, Chihiro's parents ate what was believed to be my food, so they were cursed and turned into pigs. Since then, chihiro has officially entered the journey to find a way to rescue her parents. In order to survive on the land of souls, Chihiro had to be a slave to the witch Yubaka and changed his name to Sen. Here, Sen received the help of the boy Haku and his faceless friend. Through many difficulties, Sen gradually matured and successfully freed his parents.

With a diverse character line and fascinating details, The Land of Souls has made a strong impression in the hearts of viewers and is still considered one of the best Anime films not to be missed.

3/ Timeless Girl (2006)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an Anime television series. The film revolves around makoto schoolgirls, she has a supernatural ability that is able to go back in time. She took advantage of this ability to be able to improve the mistakes that had been made. However, it is noted that if she overdoes this ability, Makoto will take the trouble into herself, but she has forgotten about it. Upon noticing the harm of timeless power-making, Makoto tried to repair it. Will your efforts work well? Watch the movie to experience it!

The film not only orchestrates interesting details but also wants to convey a profound message: Time is not waiting for anyone, everyone has made mistakes in the past, when regret is over, you should cherish the present moments.

4/ My neighbor is Totoro (1988)

This can be said to be a good and best anime film about the topic of family. Totoro is a cute cat with supernatural magic, despite its huge appearance, but Totoro has a very innocent and clear soul. Sisters Satsuki and Mei, who moved back to the countryside, met Totoro. Totoro helped the sisters fulfill their desire to see their mother again.

The film is gentle, without dramatic elements but can convey simple, simple, deep things to viewers. The peaceful scenery of the village combined with the shimmering miracles of Totoro has brought the audience really relaxing moments.

5/ Pirate Island – One Piece (1997)

If you like a good Anime movie,charismatic and long without boring, One Piece is a reasonable choice. Each episode will bring you a very new experience in each trip and battle of Luffy. The film is adapted from the most popular manga of the same name in Japan.

Not only about Luffy's adventure journey, the film also conveys a meaningful message: to achieve your goals, you must be determined and put all your will and strength into it. In addition, the character of Luffy also brings many other lessons, please watch the movie to feel!
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