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TOP 5 Best Offline PC Game, lightweight configuration to play at home

Game Offline PC with light or high configuration is always interested in gamers. Because it directly affects their experience of the computer game. Currently, there are many attractive offline game lines full of genres to choose from; but there will be many games that the player is not aware of. With Digital Experience how to learn Top these games or how?

Top 5 Best Offline PC Games

Game Offline is known by many players around the world for its variety of games; and the rich content of each game. Just a moderately configured computer, without the Internet you can entertain offline games at home. If you are wondering which game to play while in isolation at home, check out the following genres.

Game Warcraft 3

Referring to the game Warcraft 3, players will know a genre of strategy games, fighting between races. A game genre has immersed in so many memories of 8x-9x generation gamers. Rich game content about fighting to save territory for your race.

Players will experience the highest basic harmony of the game at that time; The colors are also varied. The game has a suitable configuration for you with a weak machine configuration. Digital Experience is the place that provides many super HOT, super attractive games. If you want to find yourself a good game, quickly Download Game Offline PC is being trusted by many readers with a high-quality download link.

Game Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Street Fighter V game is not too strange to many brothers who love fighting games, fighting right. With beautiful graphics through the skill performances of each character; It can be seen that this is the best offline PC game and is suitable for you with weak configurations. The intuitive game interfaces with super classic 2D graphics, crisp clarity; This is a great entertaining game for home players.

Game Grand Theft Auto V - GTA 5 Los Santos

A 5th version of the hit game Grand Theft Auto released by Rockstar North of Rockstar Games. The content of the game is not much different from the previous part, which is an Offline action role-playing game. You will immerse yourself in playing cards in bars, looting, and fighting.

Besides, there are chases through spectacular racing with extreme graphics. Overcoming the missions in GTA 5 is not easy and is challenging. However, to be able to download this attractive pc offline game, readers need to be equipped with a relatively stable processor; with a high configuration graphics card to experience.

You might consider playing the aggressive GTA 5 - Covid-19 Mod that AnonyViet introduced.

Game PES 2013

Game Offline PC PES 2013 is the next game on the list provided by Digital Experience. This football sport game is also known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, which is known by many players. Are you looking for a game that can both use the team composition strategy as a coach and play soccer? Then surely Game PES 2013 is a game not to be missed.

This game has many improvements in terms of graphics and player updates of teams at that time. Configuration requirements are not too high when using only Dual-Core processors and having a graphics card is already fighting. Installing and experiencing the game is not too difficult. You can refer to our website for the most detailed and detailed instructions.

Game Half-Life 1.1

It is flawed if we do not mention the game Half-Life 1.1 Offline. When this is a game associated with the childhood of many readers, especially a 9x generation like me. Game Half-Life 1.1 or called Counter-Strike 1.1 Offline is a shooting game against other opponents over LAN. This is a legendary game in Vietnam next to the AOE game (Age of Empires empire game).

Armed with weapons through a variety of weapons, guns, knives, grenades will help you in the role of a cop rescuing hostages; Or put yourself into a dangerous bandit to fight, shoot back the police.

Thus, the readers and many gamer brothers know briefly about these fascinating games provided by Kinhnghiemso. Hope you can receive and return to your own memories through these offline games. Come with Digital Experience to quickly download this best Offline PC game to relive your burning passion.
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